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Help your employees give to any charity they choose.

A professional fundraiser can work with your organisation on all aspects of running a workplace campaign to your employees.


All the organisations listed below are members of APGO.

Payroll Giving Agencies

These agencies are all approved and monitored by the HMRC. Any businesses wishing to set up a Payroll Giving Scheme in the first instant will need to put into place a Payroll Giving contact with an Agency.

The Agency carries out all the administration side of the scheme on behalf of the business. It distributes your employees donations to their chosen charity and deals with the tax side of the donation.

Professional Fundraising Organisation

A national network of experienced fundraisers that work closely with businesses and charities to promote Payroll Giving in the workplace. These organisations provide services that will increase your participation rates and work with you to invigorate a Payroll Giving promotion.

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StC Payroll Giving - View member details

StC is one of the UK's leading Professional Fundraising Organisations (PFO), raising funds for over a hundred charities throughout the UK. We offer every employer a free service to promote and raise awareness of payroll giving schemes to employees by face to face road shows and promotions as well as using our online donation page.

Companies that we work with include J. Sainsbury, Lloyds TSB, ASDA, M&S, B&Q, Northern Ireland Civil Service and John Lewis. Currently bringing somewhere in the region of £750,000 a month to UK charities, StC Payroll Giving puts people in touch with their favourite charities every day, giving them the support they need to help the UK’s charities tax effectively. 

It’s what we do.

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Charitable Giving - View member details

Charitable Giving is proud to be one of the top three Payroll Giving Agencies in the UK distributing in excess of £1 million of Payroll Giving donations to charity each month on behalf of more than 1200 companies and their employees.

Our clients range from small independent businesses to large corporate organisations and High Street names.

As a charity ourselves we are able to offer our clients the competitive administration fee of just 25p per monthly donation (or a capped percentage rate if that is preferable to them) thus ensuring that as much money as possible is moved quickly on to the charities for whom it is intended.

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Charities Trust - View member details

Charities Trust is one of the largest Payroll Giving agencies in the UK.  We have specialised in payroll giving since it was introduced to the UK in 1987 and manage some of the largest and most successful schemes.
As a charity and not-for-profit, any surplus that we generate goes back into growing the giving market – not to shareholders.
We pay out over £60 million each year to charities and good causes each year. Our standard low cost fee for payroll giving processing is just 25p per donor per month.

Our Payroll Giving service is fully integrated with our matched funding service; our online fundraising service, Sponsor Me; and our personal donation account, My Giving Account.
We have recently introduced a process to make two monthly payments to charities to ensure they receive funds as quickly as possible and we are constantly looking at ways to develop our products and services to make it easier to give more.

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Bell Donor Management - View member details

Bell Donor Management was founded with a mission to help charities in what can sometimes be a very complicated field. We are built on over 30 years of combined experience in the charity sector. We provide a specialist service to help charities manage one of their biggest assets, their donors.
Our primary focus is with Payroll Giving which can be perceived to be difficult to manage.
Founded in 2008 Bell Donor Management built on the work started by Bell Fundraising. We have several consortiums that we work with and we do all the donor processing for two PFOs; Bell Fundraising and Sharing the Caring.

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Workplace Giving UK - View member details

Workplace Giving UK is the award winning Professional Fundraising Organisation currently promoting Payroll Giving with over 1,000 employers and their employees across the UK.

We actively manage workplace and online promotional campaigns for a large range of employers from Barclays to the Arcadia Group, Home Office to Green & Blacks.

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PGMS - View member details

Formed in 1998, PGMS Ltd provides a unique and specialised service to the charitable sector. Our core business offers comprehensive data management for Payroll Giving donors.
Historically difficult to manage, charities choose to out source this role to ensure focus is aimed at maximising income stream. As a result a solid foundation is achieved enabling charities to effectively communicate with their donors,
therefore ensuring the future growth of payroll giving.
Charities that we work with include Cancer Research UK, The British Heart Foundation, Amnesty International and the RSPCA.

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Bell Fundraising - View member details

Bell Fundraising Ltd was founded in 2003 to increase Payroll Giving in the UK by forming and managing groups of charities and to provide a comprehensive service which allows charities to receive regular repeatable income from payroll giving.
Our unique system of fundraising and donor management allows charities of all sizes to participate in this scheme.
We have now formed four consortia covering a wide variety of deserving causes and also raise funds for two further groups in the UK.

Our services to employers are free and we help them to make a resounding success of their Payroll Giving campaigns. Our fundraisers are experienced and well trained individuals who are not paid on a commission basis and who are trained by the charities they represent which leads to a more gentle approach to fundraising in the workplace.

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Charities Aid Foundation - View member details

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) is the UK's largest payroll giving agency. Our Give As You Earn® scheme is trusted by more than 3,200 employers and 430,000 payroll givers to process over £80m of donations each year.

We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes, from the FTSE100 to government departments, charities and SMEs. And, as a charity ourselves, you can rest assured that all revenues are ploughed back into the sector.

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Payroll Giving in Action - View member details

Payroll Giving in Action is the UK’s leading Fundraising Organisation. We provide a free service to UK employers to help them make a success of Payroll Giving.

We promote for companies & organisations such as:
Royal Mail Group, Whitbread Group, Tesco, BT, Ikea, Pizza Hut, BBC, Police Service Northern Ireland, Flybe, Network Rail, Trinity Mirror, Monsoon, Wincanton, Rolls Royce, New Look, Santander, G4S, BAE Systems, DHL and Next Group Plc

With fundraisers in England, Scotland, Wales, and a team based in Northern Ireland, PGA can help any company, large or small, set up and make a success of Payroll Giving. Our friendly fundraisers are experienced, well trained and promote all charities without bias. PGA represents over 220+ national and local charities, and happily accepts donations for any UK registered charity.

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BEN - View member details

BEN is the UK charity for those who work, or have worked, in the automotive industry, including their dependents. Every year we help literally thousands of people in times of stress or hardship. Whether it's practical, emotional or financial support you need, we are here to help. Calls to BEN are in complete confidence and our trained welfare team are be there to support you in all manner of circumstances including issues surrounding money worries, disability, bereavement, illness and relationship problems.

Registered Charity No.  England and Wales (297877) and Scotland (SC039842). 

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Hands on Helping - View member details

Hands On Helping, established in 1995, is the most experienced Professional Fundraising Organisation promoting Her Majesties Revenue & Customs Payroll Giving scheme. Visiting companies throughout the UK, we have raised over £15 million for charities worldwide. Our success is mirrored in our own Payroll Giving Scheme, with 100% of full time staff donating.

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SmartGiving - View member details

In existence for over 70 years, SmartGiving has vast experience in operating and managing charitable giving schemes.
Managing Payroll Giving accounts for a wide range of large and small organisations, we offer a personal, professional and tailored solution for employers with the emphasis on flexibility in the collection and distribution of charity donations.
SmartGiving’s range of other services includes charity accounts, automated giving and online fundraising.
Administration fees are kept to a minimum and any surplus funds are donated to environmental or humanitarian causes.

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