The Entertainer

The Entertainer launched a Payroll Giving scheme in May 2011 with a target of reaching a 10% uptake. Three years later over 48% of all staff are now supporting a charity each month from pay and this is the most successful scheme on the High Street. They are currently working towards a 50% employee uptake.

The scheme was launched at HQ and their biannual Store Manager’s conference and then store visits across the UK commenced and continue annually with a programme for new store openings.

They run a number of innovative programmes; they give an employee’s chosen charity £50 for each new joiner as well as a generous matching programme, have had materials translated into Polish and they provide every leaver with a certificate detailing their donations so as to encourage them to continue their giving at their new employer.

Gary Grant, Managing Director of the Entertainer has held several events to encourage other employers to follow their lead

The Campaign has won a number of high profile Awards including three National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards and more recently the Retail Week Enterprise Award for the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year.

Jon Savage, Head of People Management at The Entertainer comments; “When we first launched we had no idea that within 3 years we would be achieving the level of results that we are. It’s been one of the most exciting projects I have worked on, full of creativity and enthusiasm right across the business. The real stars though are our employees who have made a commitment to make a difference via their pay.”