HMRC achieve Gold in Payroll Giving!

HMRC achieve Gold in Payroll Giving!

The Association of Payroll Giving Organisations (APGO) is delighted to announce that the Government department Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has achieved the Gold Quality Mark for the sixth year running in the latest round of awards.

The much sought-after Payroll Giving Quality Marks recognise employers that continually strive to increase donations to UK charities through Payroll Giving. To qualify for Gold status an employer must reach a level of 10% employee giving and HMRC has exceeded this.

During a week when the Home Office is hosting the annual Payroll Giving conference (26 June) this achievement by HMRC is an encouragement to other Government departments to continue engaging with their staff to grow Payroll Giving.

Panikos Efthimiou, Chair of the APGO comments: “This is really positive news from HMRC. At a time when the results of the recent Government consultation on Payroll Giving are now being implemented HMRC demonstrate very clearly a commitment to get more of their staff giving to charity in this way. It is of course excellent news for the charity sector as the more employees that give in this way the more money that is raised for good causes. We would encourage all Government departments to try and follow where HMRC lead”.

Harriet Stevens from HMRC said: “We are delighted at the response from our staff in signing up to Payroll Giving, enabling us to achieve the Gold Quality Mark, thereby raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for more than 1300 charities throughout the UK last year. As the Government Department at the forefront of tax-effective fundraising we are proud to be taking the lead in this way.”

23rd June 2014|