Payroll givers becoming even more generous, says APGO

Payroll givers becoming even more generous, says APGO

The amount donated to charity via Payroll Giving schemes increased by £3.5m this year, the APGO is pleased to announce.

Figures provided by APGO members show that employees from companies around the UK gave £122.5m in the financial year 2015-16, compared to £119m in the year 2014-2015, a 3% increase.

More than 1 million people give directly to charity through their company’s Payroll Giving scheme.

Employers who generously match their employees’ donations have also given more, with their additional contributions totalling £7m, an increase of 6% on last year. It means that £130m in total went to good causes via Payroll Giving last year.

Panikos Efthimiou, Chair of the APGO, said; ‘Our members are thrilled by this good news and we would like to thank the huge numbers of employees across the UK who are supporting a charity each and every payday.

“Payroll Giving is a great way to support good causes which is tax-effective, hassle-free and provides a crucial regular source of income to thousands of charities.”


27th June 2016|